Shapeshift Transforms KeepKey Hardware Wallet into an Exchange

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The hardware wallet manufacturer KeepKey ( has just announced its partnership with the Shapeshift exchange. With this collaboration, KeepKey will be the first-ever hardware wallet to integrate with an exchange.

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FIrst Hardware Wallet to Adopt Shapeshift API

KeepKey-1200x600The new partnership with Shapeshift will allow KeepKey users to securely exchange a wide variety of digital assets from the hardware device. Cryptocurrencies can be swapped via Shapeshift, which will allow KeepKey users the ability to store digital assets such as Litecoin, and Dogecoin with more integrations coming in the future.

KeepKey is the first hardware wallet to integrate with Shapeshift marking the first time in crypto-history people can exchange various cryptocurrencies without ever exposing their private keys online. The hardware company believes this is a milestone in the blockchain industry, and the team feels it adds extraordinary value to their product line.

KeepKey CEO Darin Stanchfield said:

While digital asset security is KeepKey’s primary goal, we are making life easier for the growing number of consumers buying, selling and storing several types of cryptocurrency. They can swap whatever they like, whenever they like, without the hassle of setting up multiple wallets

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