Shopawl Introduces Option To Buy eBay Goods With Bitcoin

Not too long ago, we mentioned the ShopAwl service, which lets Bitcoin users shop around on the web. The company has expanded their offering, and will now accept eBay purchases as well. By using the service, any bitcoin user can buy goods from eBay in exchange for Bitcoin. Do keep in mind to check whether or not the seller ships to your country.

eBay Shopping With Bitcoin Is Now An Option

Up until this point, is has been almost impossible to buy things from eBay while using Bitcoin. Hardly any of the sellers accepts the payment option, and it is not officially covered by the auction platform itself. PayPal remains the preferred form of payment, and Bitcoin can’t be used in that regard either.

Shopawl has come up with a solution to this problem. As of right now, the company supports eBay purchases which can be paid for with Bitcoin. Users can submit the desired product URL to the Shopawl platform, fill in the details, and pay for the order in Bitcoin. Several altcoins are supported as well, which is a nice touch.

One thing to keep in mind is the company is not a drop shipping or mail forward service. All orders will be shipped directly to the buyer’s address. If a particular seller doesn’t deliver to the country in question, Shopawl will not be able to solve this problem. That is only normal, as the company facilitates the payment. Everything else is up to the buyer to take care of.

There will be a fee for all eBay orders, through. According to the blog post, a 4% surcharge will apply to all eBay purchases for now. In the future, the company will try to minimise this fee, but for now, the number seems justified. Keeping in mind how they make the payment on behalf of the customer, similar fees will be charged to the company when paying for an order.

It’s nice to see services such as Shopawl expand their offerings. eBay remains a very popular shopping platform for users all over the world. Not only is it a good place to score bargains, but the marketplace is very diverse as well. Being able to buy goods with Bitcoin will – despite the high fee-  make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable.

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