Shopawl Introduces Option To Buy eBay Goods With Bitcoin

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Not too prolonged ago, we mentioned a ShopAwl service, that lets Bitcoin users emporium around on a web. The association has stretched their offering, and will now accept eBay purchases as well. By regulating a service, any bitcoin user can buy products from eBay in sell for Bitcoin. Do keep in mind to check possibly or not a seller ships to your country.

eBay Shopping With Bitcoin Is Now An Option

Up until this point, is has been roughly unfit to buy things from eBay while regulating Bitcoin. Hardly any of a sellers accepts a remuneration option, and it is not strictly lonesome by a auction height itself. PayPal stays a elite form of payment, and Bitcoin can’t be used in that courtesy either.

Shopawl has come adult with a resolution to this problem. As of right now, a association supports eBay purchases that can be paid for with Bitcoin. Users can contention a preferred product URL to a Shopawl platform, fill in a details, and compensate for a sequence in Bitcoin. Several altcoins are upheld as well, that is a good touch.

One thing to keep in mind is a association is not a dump shipping or mail

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