Should Obama ‘Heed The Call’ On Bitcoin?

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President Barack Obama and his administration get a lot of demands, to contend a least.

Stop ISIS, move assent to a Middle East, purify adult a economy, emanate some-more jobs, repair a preparation system, reduce taxes, etc., etc. Of course, that’s only what comes with a territory.

One thing that’s substantially not aloft on that fast flourishing list? Promoting bitcoin.

Which is because Obama and his group substantially aren’t eager about an op-ed for CNBC from a former Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commissioner suggesting that a White House should “heed a call” on bitcoin. Of course, when a former commissioner, Bart Chilton, says bitcoin, he’s articulate blockchain and all digital currencies. But a tenure “bitcoin” is always what done this story light adult a mainstream news headlines.

So, because digital currencies? Because he believes there should be correct insurance and law over them. Fair point. His comparison? How Bill Clinton’s administration dealt with a Internet in

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