Should Obama ‘Heed The Call’ On Bitcoin?

President Barack Obama and his administration get a lot of demands, to say the least.

Stop ISIS, bring peace to the Middle East, clean up the economy, create more jobs, fix the education system, lower taxes, etc., etc. Of course, that’s just what comes with the territory.

One thing that’s probably not higher on that rapidly growing list? Promoting bitcoin.

Which is why Obama and his team probably aren’t enthusiastic about an op-ed for CNBC from a former Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) commissioner suggesting that the White House should “heed the call” on bitcoin. Of course, when the former commissioner, Bart Chilton, says bitcoin, he’s talking blockchain and all digital currencies. But the term “bitcoin” is always what made this story light up the mainstream news headlines.

So, why digital currencies? Because he believes there should be proper protection and regulation over them. Fair point. His comparison? How Bill Clinton’s administration dealt with the Internet in

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