Should We Encourage Bug Discovery And Neglect Pen Testing ?

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Technically, a bug, an informal name used by software developers simply means an error in a software program. Even in programming languages –[as well as scripting languages like bash, pdksh, csh, and so on] an interpreter zones a block of code or script/cmdlets as error if it is written outside or it is not in line with standard programming/scripting language syntax.

The above simply refers to syntax error. Usually, this specific error is made by inexperienced programmers.

For instance, an information security engineer wanted to write an interactive program to test the minds of pupils below the age of 14yrs. Students were asked to reply to each question accordingly.

As usual, an information security engineer or developer should be aware of the subtle difference between python 2 and python 3 interpreter lies in its syntax.

( To find the version of the python you have installed , type : open the python shell . It shows at the bar. )

Both programs were written in python but interpreter version differs.

Python 2.7.11 [ Program : Students were asked to choose between Yale University and Stanford University. ]


Python 3

The source code of both programs are the same. However, it seems python 3 syntax is quite differs

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