Should we Worry About ICANN?

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Despite 4 states suing to block the internet transition was scheduled for October first, U.S oversight of the internet has ended and management of addressing and routing protocols has been handed over to ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), the global non-profit, as a contract established 47 years ago which gave the US Commerce Department authority to regulate internet name servers has officially ended. With the Commerce Department granting autonomy to ICANN, the DNS zone root, which handles translating numerical IP addresses ( to names (, has been handed over to the international community of business, telecommunications and government.

Though some fear that relinquishing control of the Internet and giving it to an international community will lead to censorship from regressive regimes around the planet, we cannot forget that the U.S has also enacted it’s fair share of totalitarian influence over the cyber sphere. Such as the NSA’s massive domestic surveillance network which we learned about through the Snowden files, arresting citizens of other countries for running torrenting sites, seizing entire domains such as Megaupload due to harboring copyrighted material, etc.

However, despite the U. S’s deplorable track record of upholding privacy

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