Silk Road 2’s “DoctorClu” Sentenced to Eight Years in Prison

The prosecutors in Silk road 2’s second highest admin “DoctorClu” case, got their wish as Brian Farrell was sentenced to eight years in prison Friday. It was the exact amount of time the prosecutors had asked for.

Farrell, who went by DoctorClu on the copycat site, Silk Road 2; was the second highest administrator on the site. The sentencing came months after Farrell had plead guilty to one count of distribution of heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamine. Each count carried a minimum of five years.

When the Feds searched Farrell’s home on the 2nd of January they found three handguns, various computer media, prescription medications, paraphernalia, 20 silver bullion bars with a value of over $3,900, and around $35,000. As if the prison sentence wasn’t enough, the silver and all the cash was turned over to the government.

In a 2015 press release, the Dept. of Justice stated that the Silk Road 2 site had already generated over $8M dollars a month since its opening in late 2013. In a sentencing memorandum, prosecutors wrote that the case exemplifies “general deterrence.”

“The Silk Road model presents a new threat to public safety and health. The website expands the serious drug market to al reaches of the country, and indeed our world. The website reaches those who are to apprehensive to conduct a deal on the street, or those, say in rural areas, who may not have a direct drug supplier. This new frontier is dangerous, and a clear message needs to be sent that those who peddle their poison on the internet face serious penalties,” Assistant United States Attorney Thomas Woods wrote.

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