Silk Road Drug Bazaar Gave Bitcoin & The TOR Project A Bad Name!

Silk Road Drug Bazaar Gave Bitcoin The TOR Project A Bad Name!

Written By: Patrick ‘PK’ McDonnell

Jon Bon Jovi said it best in 1986, “You give love a bad name (bad name), you give lovvvvvve a bad nammmmmme…..”

Well it’s late 2015, the aftermath of Silk Road’s use of Bitcoin The TOR Project for crimes created a subliminal mainstream rejection in many minds dismissing Bitcoin as a criminal tool while TOR is for the dark world hacker with no use to everyday internet users.

Yet these 2 tools are the solution to many problems we face in a world of ever-changing technology with a record increase in identity fraud theft.

Ross Ulbricht Silk Road definitely increased the mainstream growth of Bitcoin/TOR. But at what cost to Bitcoin, TOR the many fallen in its wake including Ross himself? “Silk Road Drug Bazaar You Gave Bitcoin A Bad Name (Bad Name), You Gave The TOR Project A Bad Nammmmmme…..” There I said it! 

There are many advantages to adopting Bitcoin or utilizing The TOR Project network anonymously. Both are subject to human error can be traced if the proper steps are not completely taken to remain unseen or untraceable. There are many good reasons to remain anonymous online, don’t believe the fear mongers hype!

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