Silk Road Figure Variety Jones Claims Corrupt FBI Agent Is Making Threats

Variety Jones, believed by some to be the Silk Road architect and a mentor to Ross Ulbricht, claims a corrupt FBI agent has threatened him for not agreeing to help him access a bitcoin wallet worth $70 million, according to a report by digital journalist Joseph Cox in Motherboard.

Jones says the agent wants him to move to Singapore where he will set up a safe house and told him immigration police are hunting him in Thailand where he lives. The agent had previously leaked Jones secret grand jury information and also tipped him ahead of the investigations into Carl Mark Force and Shaun Bridges who were convicted of stealing from Silk Road. The title of this Motherboard article is: “Variety Jones: A Corrupt FBI Agent is Hunting Me, So I’m Turning Myself In.”

In a post on, a cannabis enthusiast forum, Jones wrote that the FBI agent has been making more than $1 million a month “committing felonies with abandon just because he can.”
Jones further noted this agent has leaked him grand jury information “in an effort to keep me *out* of the hands of his colleagues,” according to

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