Silk Road Vendor Sentenced To 2 Year Prison

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Sheldon Kennedy (25) from Lincoln, Nebraska, has been sentenced for 2 years of prison, which is followed by 3 years of supervised release for conspiracy to traffic in controlled substances, including cocaine and many other illegal substances. Kennedy sold drugs, counterfeit money and lethal weapons online on the infamous former Silk Road Marketplace.

According to Kennedy’s plea, he sold the drugs under his username (not known publicly) and sent the drugs to his customer using the United States Postal Service. In 2012, federal agents have made plenty of undercover purchases from Kennedy. The agents have bought drugs several times and once a Glock 26 handgun from the Silk Road vendor. According to the federal agents, Kennedy has disassembled the weapon in two pieces and sent it in 2 shipments in order to avoid detection. Both shipments were made from Nebraska to an undercover mailbox in Maryland.

On June 28, 2013, a federal search warrant was executed at Kennedy’s house in Lincoln, Nebraska. The vendor was at home when the feds have arrived at his place and he agreed to speak with the law enforcement authorities. Kennedy admitted that he used an online username for the sale of drugs, guns, and

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