Six Arrested For ‘Lizard Stresser’ Attacks




The 6 teenaged suspects are indicted of profitable to mountain denial-of-service attacks on distinguished organisations

Six teenagers suspected of regulating an online cyber-attack apparatus mounted by hacker organisation Lizard Squad have been arrested and expelled on bail, according to a National Crime Agency (NCA).



Police pronounced a 6 teenaged males, aged between 15 and 18, were hold as partial of an operation called Vivarium targeting users of Lizard Stresser, a apparatus brought into operation final Dec and charity denial-of-service attacks opposite a aim of a user’s choice for a tiny fee.

black hat

Christmas disruption

Lizard Stresser came to open courtesy shortly after Christmas 2014, when it was used by Lizard Squad to interrupt a Microsoft Xbox Live and Sony Playstation Network online gaming services. In early Jan a apparatus was hacked, with users’ temperament information published online, and it left shortly afterward, nonetheless a organisation has pronounced it skeleton a relaunch.

In all, a apparatus was online for about dual months, during that time it was used

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