Sizzle Or Fizzle: Uber, Bitcoin, Botnets, SWIFT – And The Wells Wallets

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You wish to know what unequivocally sizzled this week? The continue in Boston – and it’s about damn time. We’ve even stopped angry now that we skipped open altogether and went right into summer – a object is resplendent and everybody is smiling. The foresee for a prolonged holiday weekend looks outstanding, too, that only adds some-more hiss to a step.

As for payments, here are this week’s picks and pans.

As for a Sizzles …..


Despite Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s early week ride-sharing rant, Uber rocked it this week. From launching a faithfulness program (can’t wish to get my giveaway rides) to teaming adult with a reinvented Foursquare to make it frictionless for riders to indeed get where they are going but carrying to navigate for a driver, Uber is clearly investing in the height to broach some-more certainty to Uber riders

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