Small Ethereum Clones Getting Attacked by Mysterious ’51 Crew’

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According to various reports, a malicious group of hackers called the “51 Crew” is hijacking blockchain clones by taking a majority of their hashrates and double spending their tokens. Two cryptocurrency projects, Krypton and Shift, are among the first projects to be hit.

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The 51 Crew Wants to Damage Smaller ETH Clones

ip.bitcointalk.orgThe 51 Crew managed to attack the Krypton network last week, allowing it to double spend the virtual currency at the Bittrex exchange. Following this event, both Shift and Krypton received extortion threats by the group, but have so far refused to pay a ransom.

Krypton founder Stephanie Kent forwarded the 51 Crew’s extortion message to Crypto Hustle :

We have a chain going on Krypton that we can fork at anytime. It is 7000-8000 blocks because Bittrex wallet was down 2 days ago. While we do want to make bitcoin our intention is not to wreck a project. We have sold our remaining 20,000 kr today and will give be you the opportunity to end us messing with you if you want. We aren’t asking for anything more than would cover our cost. 7 BTC

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