Smart Contracts Spell The End of Lawyers And Intermediaries

One of the most promising blockchain technology creations comes in the form of smart contracts.  Whether or not smart contracts will only work with Bitcoin as a payment method, remains to be seen, but there is a lot of excitement surrounding this technology.  In fact, smart contracts could very well replace any type of middleman, including lawyers.

It’s About Bitcoin Technology, Not The Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin news is often dominated by talks and articles about the current Bitcoin price and how that price will carry on (upwards or downwards) for the next week or so.  As is the case with a free market situation, there is no necessary trading “logic” to be applied to the Bitcoin price.  Good news or bad news does not always have an effect on the price.

It is a good thing then that most companies and investors are looking beyond the aspect of the Bitcoin price and are taking a liking to the underlying blockchain technology.  After all, without the blockchain, there would be no Bitcoin.  Yet the blockchain can exist without relying on Bitcoin, even though that was its original purpose.

One of the more exciting developments in terms

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