Smokeys Daylily Gardens Accepts Chicago’s Digital Currency DNotes And Bitcoin For Daylily Purchases

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Bitcoin Press Release: Chicago formed digital banking DNotes can now be used to buy flowers during Smokeys Gardens, one of a largest daylily growers in a world.

Coldwater, Michigan. Smokeys Daylily Gardens, determined in 2007 and one of a largest daylily growers in a world, becomes a initial businessman to accept DNotes as a form of remuneration for daylily purchases. This is a commander plan to denote a poignant advantages to merchants in usurpation DNotes, a proven fast digital banking built from a belligerent adult with trust and integrity.

Hailing from Chicago, Bitcoin choice DNotes was combined on Feb 18, 2014, with an design to accommodate a full functions of fiat banking as a section of account, store of value and middle of sell within 3 years. DNotes has taken a really opposite trail given day one in building a infallible fast digital banking with arguable prolonged tenure appreciation. Using blockchain technology, embedded facilities to forestall acceleration and model means of storage; DNotes might really good surpass fiat income in tellurian online

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