Social App Premise Claims Increased Bitcoin Adoption in Venezuela

The ongoing economical turmoil in Venezuela is influencing the people to adopt Bitcoin, according to Premise, a social mobile application.

The Android application, created by a San Francisco research company with the same name, tracks macroeconomic and human development trends by collecting data from its users. This data is archived and analyzed for further purposes. For instance: some of the data collected by Premise has been utilized by the World Bank to make productive investment and policy decisions. The company has similarly served the United Nations, Standard Chartered, Bloomberg, and many other leading organizations around the world.

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The best thing about this application, however, is its rewards. For every picture collected, the company pays the users with money. It simply keeps the cycle of sharing intact and resourceful.

Due to its reachability throughout the world, Premise was also able to study the current debt crisis in Venezuela, and how it is effecting the lives of the citizens. As been reported by many media channels, the value of Venezuela’s national currency Bolivar has crashed to a record low. After

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