Social Blogging Platform AKASHA Nears Public Alpha Release

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Censorship has plagued social media platforms for several years, and AKASHA wants to put an end to this scenario. This “next-generation” social media network is powered by the Ethereum world computer and the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS).

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Can AKASHA Remove Censorship From Social Media?


That will be the main question to answer in the next few years. AKASHA wants to portray itself as the social media network of the future, running on the Ethereum world computer and the Inter-Planetary File System. And what better day to unveil this project than on World Press Freedom Day, which takes place on May 3rd of every year.

Everyone in the world is entitled to their own opinion, but not everyone has the privilege to freely express it these days. This is a serious issue plaguing our civilization, and projects like AKASHA wield the latest advancements in technology to rectify this situation in the future.

Speaking of this technology, the Ethereum protocol can be used for so much more than just facilitating smart contracts or letting users transfer the ETH currency. Addressing the censorship issues of the world with Ethereum

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