Social Media Plays Pivotal Role in Bitcoin Media Consumption

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Social media is a new type of technology that revolutionizes our everyday lives. Whether we want to stay in touch with friends or families, read the latest news, or simply share what we love and do with the world, social media is there to help. And even though there are some privacy concerns regarding social media, most people still use this centralized type of service for lots of reasons.

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The Privacy Concerns Surrounding Social MediaBitcoinist_Social Media FacebookBitcoinist_Social Media Facebook

Regardless of how you view social media, there is no denying that consumers have willingly given up a ton of personal information t platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Information such as a data of birth, a physical location or even your full name can be used against you by people looking to steal your identity.

Additionally, any picture you share on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter are no longer

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