Social network Yours completes first step of integrating bitcoin micropayments

Yours, a blockchain-based social network, has announced that it has completed the first stage of integrating micropayments into the platform. It has completed first funding transaction on Bitcoin testnet.

Founder and CEO Ryan X. Charles made the announcement on Twitter.

Charles explains, “Yours Core is the name of the logic that runs both in a web browser and on the server, and contains our bitcoin wallet implementation”. He clarifies that the team is currently in the process of integrating its micropayments technology into Yours Core, adding that the process is not finished – only the step 1 has been completed, which is to make the funding transaction possible.

Yours, previously Datt, aims to provide a low-cost way to get content creators and curators paid for their work. It started working on bitcoin micropayments couple of months back and in August, it successfully tested its first user-to-user

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