Social network Yours completes initial step of integrating bitcoin micropayments

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Yours, a blockchain-based amicable network, has announced that it has finished a initial theatre of integrating micropayments into a platform. It has finished initial appropriation transaction on Bitcoin testnet.

Founder and CEO Ryan X. Charles done a proclamation on Twitter.

Charles explains, “Yours Core is a name of a proof that runs both in a web browser and on a server, and contains a bitcoin wallet implementation”. He clarifies that a group is now in a routine of integrating a micropayments record into Yours Core, adding that a routine is not finished – usually a step 1 has been completed, that is to make a appropriation transaction possible.

Yours, formerly Datt, aims to yield a low-cost approach to get calm creators and curators paid for their work. It started operative on bitcoin micropayments integrate of months behind and in August, it successfully tested a initial user-to-user

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