Soft Forks, White Hats, and SEC Oh My!

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The mess surrounding the DAO attack is not over. The majority of the Ethereum community seems to be leaning towards a soft fork in the wake of the disaster that happened with a third party application. Some are not happy with this decision, but it seemed to be favored among most with both the DAO and ETH markets doing very well over the past 24 hours.

The DAO attack has become one of the most talked about cryptocurrency incidents in quite some time. The soft fork plan may be followed up with a hard fork but as of now the soft implementation is what has the most consensus at the moment with miners. Operation “DAO Rescue Hotfix” has been added to Github discussing the code and subsequent procedures. Alongside this yesterday, a ‘White Hat’ draining of the DAO funds took place by members of the DAO and Ethereum community. This act alone has seemed to add the most confidence in markets as they started rising after this announcement. The Github statement reads as follows:

“For those who are not migrated to 1.3.0-RC this is 1.2 release with

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