SolarCoin Introduces Space-Based Blockchain Wallet

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solarcoin-to-introduce-first-space-based-blockchain-wallet SolarCoin is now teaming up with Cloud Constellation to offer the first blockchain wallet in space. The cryptocurrency incentivizes renewable energy production by providing grants to individuals or organizations that generate solar power at the rate of one SolarCoin per one MegaWatt hour of production, with participants in 23 countries so far.

SolarCoin was created in 2014 by volunteers with a specific focus on the environment and anyone can join their open community project under the SolarCoin Foundation.

This cryptocurrency is based upon a hybrid proof of work and proof of stake, due to the fact that the cryptocurrency was born from a source code fork in both Litecoin and Vericoin, which allows proof of work via solar production and proof of cryptographic stake.

SolarCoin is supposed to be a complement, instead of a substitute to bitcoin,

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