Solved: These Are The Most Popular Dark Net Markets!

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One of the most commonly asked questions are “Which market is the post popular?” or “Which market popularity is rising?“, so i decided to share some of our internal independent data which not generated by us, but showing the reality as its viewed by 3rd parties (Google in this case),  And by this,  giving a pretty accurate answer to these questions and providing a unique insight into the popularity / shifts in market popularity as they are represented by the actual masses random people in Google SERP’s and in contrary to direct visitors of this site or other dedicated DNM related discussion boards. And the data is:

  1. Taken from’s Google webmaster tools search analytics data.
  2. The Shown number is of the total impressions on Google search results (Except for a small minority of double listing cases, means: 1 Google search showing a result from the site for the searched keyword = 1 Impression)
  3. Using the longest time frame available in WMT: ~90 days from 14.8.15 to 7.11.15
  4. For each market, showing all keywords containing the market name (i.e “Broad Match“, example: Nucleus, Nucleus market, How to buy from Nucleus etc…)
  5. All keywords has worldwide average of first page ranking (according

    Read more ... source: DeepDotWeb

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