Solving Bitcoin Liquidity Issues in India

Benson Samuel is the CTO Co-Founder of Coinsecure, a start-up focusing on solving the liquidity problem of bitcoin in India. Following a career in the payments space, Samuel realized that cryptocurrency could solve many of the issues that plagued the industry and took an instant liking to bitcoin.

With his newfound passion for bitcoin, Samuel found a critical problem early on, which was the lack of liquidity for bitcoin in the Indian market. This eventually led to the founding of Coinsecure- a bitcoin exchange which hopes to make bitcoin a part of every Indian’s wallet.

CoinTelegraph: Tell us about Coinsecure and some upcoming projects.

Benson Samuel: Coinsecure has proven itself to be one of India’s best startups, whether it is in the Bitcoin space or from the growing Indian startups perspective. Apart from a Bitcoin Exchange, we are working on delivering a wallet and a merchant gateway as well. The wallet is live on our testnet system on

We also have a lot of educational events across schools, meetups and hackathons, where we engage with people to understand Bitcoin better. The next big one will be our mobile app, which will allow us to gain further traction with regards

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