Solving The Bitcoin Communication Disruption With QQ And Other Tools

Bitcoinist_Communication DisruptionBitcoinist_Communication Disruption

If there’s one thing the entire Bitcoin block size debate has taught the digital currency community, it is how little effort is being made to bridge the gap between “Western” and “Asian” miners. While most of the Asian community uses the QQ messaging platform to communicate, shouldn’t we all embrace this medium of communication and try to get on the same page again?

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Communication in Bitcoin is Hard At Times

Bitcoinist_Communication Disruption Bitcoin

Bitcoinist_Communication Disruption Bitcoin

Whenever a topic is raised in the Bitcoin world, the native language to express thoughts and share ideas is English. This is only normal, as most people assume English is the language of the Internet. However, Bitcoin enthusiasts in Asia might tend to disagree with that statement, as Asian languages are very common over the Internet as well.

Moreover, making announcements in English is a great start, but they will have to be translated into Chinese, Japanese, Cantonese, and other languages as well

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