Someone Supposedly Ripped Off Martin Shkreli for 15 Million in Bitcoin over ‘The Life of Pablo’ Rights

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Pharmaceutical CEO and American bad man Martin Shkreli has taken good pleasure in being a full-time governmental troll. He’s lifted a cost of vicious HIV diagnosis drug by 5000%, afterwards done a hoax of his Congressional conference on a argumentative decision. He also purchased a singular duplicate of Wu Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin afterwards threatened to have Ghost Face Killah scrubbed from a tracks. For some who has so gay in screwing others, it would be usually a matter of before someone screwed him. That time has come.

In a bid to possess disdainful rights to Kanye West’s stirring manuscript The Life of Pablo, Shkreli evidently struck a understanding and sent 15 million in Bitcoin (which comes out to over 6 billion US dollars) to someone he believed to be a deputy from West’s authorised team. Shkreli, who seems to penchant in bragging about his business exchange on Twitter, tweeted a sale, attempting to spin around a 10 million dollar distinction before a transaction had even been confirmed.

Things took an astonishing spin when Shkreli presumably didn’t accept what he paid for:

But afterwards came hints

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