Something is out of a bag during Cryptsy. Cat or truth?

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On Jan 14th, Cryptsy done a blog post explaining it’s benefaction conditions and problems with a exchange. The posts states they finally wish to let everybody know what these problems branch from. They were not since of any new phishing attacks, or even a DDoS attack, nor does it have anything to do personal issues.

The post explains that a chairman claiming to wish to revive an un-maintained coin, Lucky7Coin (L7C), contacted them over a year ago. The person, who does not seem to be a strange developer, explained to Cryptsy that there was a change he done to Luck7Coin’s IRC formula and claimed that it would assistance village members of a silver synchronize faster. Cryptsy was betrothed it contained no errors that would means a flare of a coin. Apparently it contained something most worse than errors. Allegedly Cryptsy’s staff unknowingly commissioned a IRC backdoor when they upgraded to this new wallet code. In a identical conform of a trojan, this antagonistic formula authorised for a concede of Cryptsy to a balance of 13,000 BTC and 300,000 LTC with a inner information it collected several months heading adult to a tangible thievery.

At this point, Cryptsy wanted to equivocate shutting down

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