South African Startup to Fight Movie Piracy Using Bitcoin

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Bitcoin and digital banking offer many opposite use cases, nonetheless a lot of them still have to be detected and explored. Custos Media Technologies is looking during Bitcoin as a approach to fight piracy, generally in a film industry.

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Using Bitcoin To Bring Film Piracy To A Halt

For many years now, film attention experts have been trying to come adult with a approach to revoke a series of pirated films on a Internet. As shortly as a film hits a theatres, it doesn’t take that prolonged until a initial pirated copies start appearing online, despite they customarily are in terrible quality.

But that conditions competence be entrance to change if South African startup Custos Media Technologies has a contend in a matter. They are charity annuity hunters a prerogative in Bitcoin for stating leaked cinema on a Internet. However, there is some-more to this judgment than only that, as a association has come adult with a required record to make this routine as seamless as possible.

Assuming a startup can strike a understanding with calm producers, all film pre-release copies will have a Bitcoin wallet encoded in them,

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