South Korean Authorities Crack Down on Bitcoin Scams

With the myriad of altcoins being introduced these days, some investors have had trouble telling which ones are legitimate and which ones are bitcoin scams. In South Korea, law enforcement officials have begun investigations on alleged pump-and-dump schemes wherein demand and volumes are artificially boosted before the altcoin is out of existence.

In addition, the Bank of Korea extended its support to local authorities that are investing bitcoin scams and related Ponzi schemes. There are approximately 700 altcoins in existence according to but less than half of these have sufficient trading volumes and liquidity.

Bitcoin Scams in South Korea

To help with the investigations, the Bank of Korea plans on providing the necessary infrastructure and technology to help the local police search for bitcoin scams and fraudulent programs. For now, the central bank and authorities are looking closely into the altcoins that have been created and traded in the last few months.

In particular, law enforcement agencies are zooming in on the altcoins that have been suffering significantly low trading volumes in the past 48 hours. In doing so, they could isolate the digital currencies that might’ve been created for pump-and-dump purposes.

Last year, a group in Florida has been accused for

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