Spanish military seize bitcoin mining centers, detain 30 for income laundering

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Spanish military seized 6 bitcoin mining centers and arrested 30 people indicted of regulating bitcoin mining in a income laundering scheme, Reuters reports.

The income laundering was partial of a broader tract to to illegally decode and discharge pay-TV content, that a Spanish military investigated with Spain’s taxation office. Along with regulating a bitcoin mining centers to refine their proceeds, a suspects also allegedly invested in banking products, oppulance cars and property.

The military pronounced they have so distant seized 31,320 euros ($34,903) in bitcoins, cash, motorbikes, oppulance cars and a tiny aircraft.

The arrests occurred in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Cordoba. The 6 bitcoin mining operations that were seized were also fraudently regulating immeasurable amounts of electricity, Reuters reports.

Earlier this year, military in a Netherlands likewise arrested several people for regulating bitcoins for income laundering.

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