SpectroCoin Intros USD- And GBP-Denominated Bitcoin Debit Cards

SpectroCoin Intros USD- And GBP-Denominated Bitcoin Debit Cards

SpectroCoin, the U.K.-based bitcoin exchange and wallet, has introduced bitcoin debit cards denominated in USD and GBP, complementing its existing EUR-denominated cards. These cards remove the fiat conversion fees needed with regular debit cards when using a specific denomination in a foreign country.

Bitcoin debit cards make it easier for bitcoin holders to use bitcoin for making both online and offline payments. The bitcoin-funded cards remove the need to convert bitcoin into fiat to make payments. The SpectroCoin cards are accepted where MasterCard and Visa are accepted. Users can fund the cards with bitcoin using the SpectroCoin wallet.

A Way To Spend Bitcoin

The prepaid card can be used at any ATM or retail establishment as an ordinary payment card, according to the company website. The card is immediately funded, eliminating the need to exchange bitcoins prior to using the card. Users do not have to wait for a bank wire transfer.


To get a card, a user goes to the deposit section on their

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