Spendabit announces search integration with Bitcoin.com


Spendabit announces search integration with Bitcoin.comSpendabit announces search integration with Bitcoin.comBitcoin shopping aggregator Spendabit announced in a press release sent to CoinReport its search integration with Bitcoin.com.

The integration, powered by Spendabit’s search API and the work of the Bitcoin.com team, allows users to search for millions of items right on Bitcoin.com. The search engine aims to show newcomers to the bitcoin space the practicality of the digital currency.

“We hope this not only expands use of Spendabit by long-time, in-the-know bitcoiners, but — perhaps more importantly — helps to show newcomers to the space just how practical Bitcoin is — and that they can buy virtually any product they might need with it,” stated the press release.

CoinReport tested the search engine by looking up the work “laptop.” The term yielded more than 3,600 results. We could filter our results by merchant (including familiar names like Dell, Newegg and Overstock) and by price. Price range filters were shown in dollars for quick and easy understanding of product costs.

Many unfamiliar with digital currencies still view bitcoin unfavorably, associating it with Silk Road and illegal activities. Spendabit’s integration with one of the most popular portals into the bitcoin space does have the potential to help show new consumers what bitcoin’s really all about.

Those interested in partnering with Spendabit can request more information on the company’s partners page.

Images (including featured/homepage one) courtesy of Spendabit


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