St. Patrick’s Day Promo Parade

BetChain has gone all green this St. Patrick’s day to celebrate this gleeful festivity of everything Irish – including those lucky 4 leaf clovers! That is why our staff has designed its own St. Patrick’s Day parade of promos. Declare your intentions to spin and win with true Irish luck and spirit during the week leading up to St. Patrick’s Day, and get your own leprechaun to grant you wishes! Take your chances and let our leprechaun lead you to those huge jackpots before St. Patrick’s Day is over!


Remember, to get your lucky wishes on this St. Patrick’s Day, you will not even have to capture a leprechaun. One will come to you bearing gifts and hopefully leading you through the rainbow to a jackpot of gold! The only thing you need to do is go on Bitcointalk and declare you’re feeling lucky! Comment “I’m winning on BetChain this St Patrick’s Day” on Bitcointalk before depositing, and get one of these wishes:

  1. 30 mBTC for total deposits bets of 0.1 to 0.2 BTC
  2. 50 mBTC for total deposits bets of 0.2to 0.5 BTC
  3. 75 mBTC for total deposits bets of 0.5 to 1 BTC
  4. 100 mBTC for total deposits bets of 1 to 2 BTC
  5. 150 mBTC for total deposits bets of 2 to 5 BTC
  6. 200 mBTC for total deposits bets of more than 5 BTC

Our very own leprechauns will be taking you on a magical ST. Patrick’s Day journey through the rainbow while granting you not one, not two, not 3 but 6 different wishes to choose from, try your luck and win!

If you thought that is all for this St. Patrick’s Day, you were wrong! Our parade continues, and you will get free chip bonuses depending on the amount you deposit and bet until St. Patrick’s Day ends. So join the parade, go for a pint and come back to try your Irish luck! Use the whole amount you deposited to place bets and free chips will start falling from the leprechaun’s pockets into your account after St. Patrick’s Day is over. Get even more chances to win on the house after ST. Patrick’s Day party is over! The free chips will magically find their way into your account the next Monday after the huge St. Patrick’s Day promo parade!

Remember, the leprechaun awaits, your luck is at play and if you feel the win is just a spin away, make sure you get your wish before time runs out on St. Patrick’s Day!

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