Stampery Creates Legal Use Cases For Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is enjoying a lot of worldwide attention, with people from different sectors looking to harness this powerful tool for their own needs.  Stampery is a new startup that focuses on certifying all documents in existence, by using blockchain technology to do so.  Notaries around the world better beware, as they might be replaced sooner than one might think.

Stampery Aims to Be A Blockchain-based Notary ServiceStampery

The name Stampery is relatively unknown in the world of technology, however,  that situation might be about to change very soon.  Their service focuses on providing legally binding proofs for all sensitive documents belonging to a user or company, by using Bitcoin’s underlying blockchain technology.

“You can generate an immutable and accurate proof of existence and integrity for any document.  Anybody in the world could verify automatically and at zero cost that this document was made on June 1st and wasn’t modified.” – Stampery CEO and co-founder Daniele Levi told TechCrunch recently.

There is a good reason why Stampery made the decision to use blockchain technology, and not rely on traditional – and outdated – solutions.  Blockchain technology allows the implementation of proof of ownership, integrity and existence by using the same protocol, rather than using two or more different third-party service providers to achieve the same goal.

Certifying any type of document through Stampery is a straightforward process.  Users have the option to register a personalized Stampery email address, to which they can send the document(s) for certification.  For those who do not wish to sign up for an email address, they can use the website, integrate the service through the company’s API, or link Stampery to their Dropbox account.  All in all, there are quite a few ways to complete the process, and it is positive to see such freedom of choice.

“We use the bitcoin blockchain to prove the existence, integrity and ownership of any document.  At the heart, the blockchain is a distributed database.  We use this technology to be able to generate this proof.  We are not a trusted certifier.  This means that every proof that we generate can be verified even if Stampery disappears.  We don’t have a centralized database that you can hack.” – Daniele Levi continued.

Stampery aims to make the entire process of certifying documents more streamlined, as it removes the need for a physical visit to a local notary.  Any user who sends less than 100 documents per month, and uses less than 1GB of storage, can use the service for free.  Should there be a need for higher thresholds, users can sign up for the paid service, at the price of US$9.99 per month.

Legal Applications for Blockchain Technology

Up until this point, most of the blockchain technology-based projects in development are all focusing on the financial aspect.  Truth be told, there is a lot of innovation needed in the financial ecosystem, but the blockchain can be used to achieve so much more.  Stampery wants to be among the first companies to create legal applications based on Bitcoin’s blockchain.

This new breed of technology has not yet been considered as a legal tool that would hold up in court, though.  According to Stampery CEO Daniele Levi, judges will have to accept this irrefutable proof, as it is not based on opinions, but can be mathematically verified.  Whether or not that will be the case, remains to be seen.

“We have three main users — lawyers certifying documents, creators certifying pictures and videos, and startups protecting their intellectual property.  All of the integrations we are rolling out are helping us to speak directly to the hundreds of millions of Dropbox users, and eventually Salesforce and so on.” – Daniele Levi concluded.

Source: TechCrunch

Images courtesy of Stampery, Shutterstock