Standup Comedian Louis CK to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Nowadays, online merchants left and right have been accepting bitcoin payments from their customers to generate more interest and sales. Interestingly enough, standup comedian Louis CK announced that he is ready to accept bitcoin payments for his shows as well.

CK has yet to make an official announcement but he did mention that he will be open to bitcoin payments for downloads of his comedy on a listing of Live at Madison Square Garden. “We have the price set to 5 dollars, but you can lower it to 1 dollar or raise it to 85. That’s the maximum because beyond that, I don’t want your crazy money,” he quipped.

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Bitcoin Payments for Downloads

To download a recording of his show using bitcoin, users enter their email address twice, nominate the amount they are willing to pay for it then choose BitPay for their payment. Users are then presented with a link provided by BitPay, along with a QR Code they can scan using a mobile Bitcoin wallet to make the payment for the goods ordered.

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