Stanford University could bridge the Bitcoin skills gap with much-needed …

With the rising number of startups and established businesses in the bitcoin and blockchain industry, the need for specialized bitcoin developers is at an all-time high. There are more companies looking to hire bitcoin developers than there are qualified candidates, and there aren’t enough people being trained, which is creating a skills gap.

Capgemini“This skills shortage is creating a ‘war for talent’, where companies have to compete for the best talent with new categories of players.”

– Capgemini

The skillset needed to craft new blockchain services has only existed for a few years, and those who acquired these skills naturally were early adopters. Many of these talented developers invested in bitcoins when they were worth far less, and are no longer interested in traditional employment.

Taken together, there simply isn’t enough skill available to go around our growing industry, as you can easily witness for yourself at any Bitcoin job fair. Thankfully, in order to fill this shortage of skills, several university-level classes are popping up to train the next generation of Bitcoin developers.

Some courses are only held in person, while many more are available online as a Massive

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