Stanford University Course Could Grow Bitcoin Community, Says Professor


Stanford has been active in Bitcoin as a campus.

American academia has offered courses across the country on cryptocurrencies for a couple of years now. New York University, Duke University, Princeton and others have all offered courses on Bitcoin. The Stanford University School of Engineering in Stanford, Calif. offers a new course, Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies, for the Autumn semester.

100 students have enrolled and the course features labwork in which students experiment with Bitcoin applications. The syllabus is available here. There is no limit as to how many students may enroll. The course professors are Professor Dan Boneh and Professor Joseph Bonneau

“We’ll be covering Bitcoin itself in detail as well as applications and extensions (such as sidechains and Lightning Network payments) and important altcoin proposals (such as Ethereum, Stellar and ZeroCash),” course Professor Joseph Bonneau wrote CCN in an email. Students will be assigned several hands-on programming projects. In Bounneau’s mind, cryptocurrencies are relevant because they are changing the world.

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“Cryptocurrencies are a great topic for teaching both because they are impacting the world and they involve almost all areas of

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