Stanford University To Host “Bitcoin & Friends” Course

Educational efforts are badly needed if Bitcoin wants to become a mainstream form of payment.  Most people have never heard of Bitcoin, or only in a negative context.  The virtual currency is often associated with illegal activities, such as, hacking, and black market deals.  Now, Stanford University is looking to change the public perception, by offering a cryptocurrencies course in September.

Bitcoin Friends – A Stanford University CourseStanford University

Even though the name of the course sounds like a new kids cartoon show on Nickelodeon, Stanford University has big plans for educating people on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.  The protection of digital assets is a matter near and dear to a lot of people, so it only makes sense to educate them properly on how Bitcoin and blockchain technology can help in that regard.

What makes the “Bitcoin Friends” course so interesting is the fact it will be made available online and runs from September 21st until December 9th.  This initiative by Stanford University is not a coincidence, as this course is part of the university’s Cyber Security Graduate Certificate program.

“The technology behind Bitcoin and other crypto currencies can be an indispensable tool for protecting information.  Bitcoin and other virtual currencies have the potential to revolutionize business payment transactions on a global scale.  Stanford is actively working to address the world’s cyber security challenges.  It’s an exciting time to study with us and gain vital skills needed for today’s cyber workforce.” Dan Boneh, Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University told DigitalMoneyTimes.  

As you would come to expect from a virtual currency course, it will be more technically inclined than your average introduction to Bitcoin.  A large focus is put on the technical aspects of engineering secure software solutions, as well as system interactions with virtual currency and achieving distributed decentralized consensus for reliability purposes.

However, Bitcoin will not be the only topic of conversation, as altcoins will get their share of the limelight as well.  Furthermore, topics will range from mining incentives and strategies to Zerocoin and elliptical curves to Bitcoin regulation.  A webinar previewing the course was hosted on August 25th, and various developments in the world of virtual currency were discussed at that time.

The First Of Many Future Courses By Universities?Stanford University Wide

It is heartwarming to see Stanford University lead the charge when it comes to educating students on Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.  We can only hope to see other universities around the world follow this example, as a major push to raise Bitcoin awareness in a positive manner is badly needed.

Especially in Europe and Asia; two continents where Bitcoin is being used sporadically for purposes other than daytrading, these kind of educational efforts on virtual currencies could go a long way.  Europe is the only “major” continent where Bitcoin regulation is not a pressing matter just yet.  With the current stock markets falling day by day, there is an opportunity for Bitcoin to save the day.

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Images courtesy of Stanford University, Shutterstock