State of Bitcoin in Hong Kong: President of the BAHK

‘State of Bitcoin in Hong Kong’ is a series of interviews with some of the most prominent members of the Bitcoin community in Hong Kong. This set of interviews will provide an insight into the current state of Bitcoin in Hong Kong, its potential applications, and startups innovating to find more uses for Bitcoin in Hong Kong.

This is the first interview of this series, and Leonhard Wesse, President of the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, will start by giving us a brief insight on the state of Bitcoin in Hong Kong.

Can you please briefly explain your involvement in Bitcoin?

I bought my first Bitcoin in 2012 with my first salary from my first job. I was pretty excited about it, but didn’t know what to do with it. I tried to find others interested in it, and quickly started to organize meetups and reach out to other bitcoiners in Hong Kong and abroad.
This engagement has now grown into the Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong, to which I serve as president.
I also work for Monetago, a global Bitcoin exchange. I’m trying to bring their services to Hong Kong and from here to Asia.

How did

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