State-Sponsored Chinese Hackers Deploy Bitcoin Ransomware En …

One of the most recent waves of Bitcoin ransomware attacks executed against US companies has been allegedly instigated by Chinese hackers. Although corporate espionage and hacking attempts between the US and China are nothing new, it is the first time a large-scale ransomware attack was initiated to get the point across. But this does not mean Bitcoin ransomware attacks will come to an end all of a sudden, as internet criminals still favor this form of malware to earn money quickly.

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Chinese Hacker Collective Deploys Ransomware

There is no denying the ransomware industry is a booming business for internet criminals all over the world, but government-sponsored hacker collectives do not shy away from this malware either. A recent security report by four different firms mentions how Chinese hackers have been using Bitcoin ransomware to target US companies specifically.

As most people are well aware of by now, ransomware is an extremely annoying type of computer infection, as users are locked out of all of their files. Restoring files from a backup is not always possible either, as a lot of Bitcoin ransomware strains delete Read more ... source: TheBitcoinNews

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