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Steam Key Trading Bot: Coinbase Glitch Caused Missed Bitcoin Payments

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KeyVendor.net, a bot for trade bitcoin keys used by a Steam party platform, was not means to compensate some customers their bitcoin a few days ago on comment of a glitch during Coinbase, according to a notice KeyVendor posted on steamcommunity.com.


The problem has been resolved, and KeyVendor paid everybody their blank bitcoin an additional 10% for a inconvenience, totaling about $210 extra.

Coinbase was exploited and keys and bitcoin were stolen from a KeyVendor bot, totaling $15,000. Coinbase rubbed a problem within dual days, according to Key.Vendor.net.

Coinbase Took Responsibility

According to “Jambo,” referred to as a owners of KeyVendor.net on steamcommunity.com, Coinbase took shortcoming for a feat so that conjunction KeyVendor nor a users suffered any financial loss.

The occurrence remarkable a initial time KeyVendor unsuccessful to broach present payments for keys. A sum of 6 users did not accept payments on time.

Jambo remarkable in announcing a detriment that users’ income and keys stored on KeyVendor was not during risk. Jambo betrothed to make good on any probable losses.

Payment Promised

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