Steps from Wall Street, Bitcoin Still in Style With Fashion Designers

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To the financial firms rushing to evaluate blockchain technology, the idea of bitcoin as a distributed global currency often appears threatening, or at least in opposition to the needs of consumers and a long-established set of rules for governing the financial system.

But where they see an idea and culture opposed to government, proponents often argue that bitcoin should be best considered as a means of individual empowerment.

Steps from Wall Street, it’s this message that is resonating in surprising places, from small business owners to independent fashion designers who see bitcoin as a force of social good.

Although their aesthetics differ greatly, both Alisha Trimble of I Love You Bedford and Sylvia Heisel of HEISEL now accept bitcoin from their customers due to their alignment with the digital currency and its larger ethos.

While visitors to Trimble’s Williamsburg boutique are treated to a colorful display of femininity, the design lab of HEISEL in lower Manhattan is incredibly minimalistic. Yet beneath the surface of their designs lies a common interest in embracing both social good and digital currency.

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The name of Trimble’s boutique loudly proclaims her feelings

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