Storj and Counterparty Test Near Instantaneous Bitcoin Micropayments

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Counterparty, a platform building an Ethereum Virtual Machine pier for a Bitcoin blockchain, has total army with Storj, a decentralized cloud storage blockchain startup, to rise remuneration channel record for use on a Counterparty network. Storj has grown a initial explanation of judgment to implement such record with Counterparty tokens.

Payment channel record powers a arriving Lightning Network and is meant to capacitate low-cost, roughly immediate Bitcoin micropayments. In a tide state, a record will promote unidirectional remuneration channels, where Storj and other Counterparty users can tide payments in SJCX or other resources to any other.

Shawn Wilkinson, Founder and CEO/CTO, Storj Labs Inc.
Shawn Wilkinson, owner and CEO/CTO, Storj Labs Inc.

“Payment channels concede for instant, ‘streaming’ payments of SJCX, that is a Counterparty token, in sell for storage space on a network.” explained Shawn Wilkinson, CEO of Storj.

This growth is a essential initial step in Counterparty’s long-time staid idea of enabling bidirectional micropayments for Counterparty resources in lapse for Bitcoin or other Counterparty assets. Such payments, while eventually staid on a Bitcoin blockchain, will not be theme to Bitcoin’s 10 notation retard time while being transacted. Storj skeleton to beta exam this record during

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