Students at Berlin University Build Chess Game on Ethereum

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A group of students from the Technical University of Berlin (TU) has created a chess game on Ethereum using blockchain-based, distributed computing tools. Their mission was to observe how protocols like smart contracts can apply to the age-old strategy game.

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Technical University of Berlin Students Research a Blockchain Chess App

students chessThe blockchain-based chess game took place during TU’s last semester, according to a recent Medium blog post written by student Paul Grau. It was deployed using Solidity and Ethereum developmental tools while students evaluated both positive and negative aspects of the platform.

The project was mentored by Christian Reitwiessner from the Ethereum foundation and the TU Department of Information Systems Engineering.

The team grew out of a group of students with programming skills and who chose the game chess due to its popularity in the computer science field. With a game that consists of 64 squares and two players controlling 16 pieces, the students had to apply “data structures for all of these, plus logic for making and verifying moves and end game conditions.” To demonstrate the attributes of an Ethereum distributed application, they also added methods for betting.

The team explained:

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