Stupidity or Greed? Why Steal Bitcoin ATM?

On November 3, two robbers stole a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM at the Village Smoke Shop in Atlanta, Georgia, according to local news website

According to Atlanta’s Police Detective Scott Bowers, the thieves got away with Bitcoin ATM (also called BTM) filled with about US$2,000 as it was recently emptied. What’s more is that one of the perpetrators fired a gun shot, though luckily no one was injured.

It seems that the thieves wanted to get their hands on this machine in particular. Amanda McCollum, an employee in Midtown’s Village Smoke Shop, witnessed the crime. She saw that the suspects “walked in, went straight to [the Bitcoin ATM], took it and only it, and walked out.”

However, stealing a Bitcoin ATM is not a good idea. While a Lamassu Bitcoin ATM itself is valued at US$7,000, the criminals would not be able to re-sell it because it is registered to the buyer with serial numbers linking them to the original owners. Moreover, no one except the owner will be able to get any bitcoins from the machines while most BTMs don’t hold a lot of cash inside as a rule.

Nevertheless, one must

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