Sun Exchange Enables Bitcoin Investments in Solar Energy Projects

There is one striking similarity between climate change and Bitcoin. Both are considered unreal by a section of society. But for most of “concerned” us believe that they both exist – one as a environmental threat and other as a financial disruption. The Sun Exchange meanwhile, is a startup that is working towards using one’s innovation to battle other’s intimidation.

One of the main concerns in today’s world is the depletion of fossil fuels and increasing emissions. The world powers are contemplating on ways to cut down their per capita emissions by increasing the adoption of renewable energy sources. Solar energy is one such renewable source that is available in plenty, especially in the tropical regions. The use of solar energy for power generation is not a new concept. There are multiple solar power generation facilities across the world that produces electricity using solar energy. This electricity is then supplied to the consumers through the electricity grid.

Unlike conventional thermal power plants, the solar power plants don’t require many raw materials, making the operations a lot cheaper than other plants. However, setting up these solar plants doesn’t come cheap. It is a capital intensive industry that gives out decent returns. However, investing in solar energy,

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