SuperDAO debuts DApp Amalgamating Poker and Ethereum’s Blockchain

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pokereumMultiple decentralized applications are being built on top of the Ethereum blockchain infrastructure as we speak. One of those projects is called Pokereum, which focuses on online poker playing in a peer-to-peer environment. The project is designed to be EVM neutral, meaning it can be deployed on any Ethereum Virtual machine-capable smart contract blockchain, including Ethereum Classic and Rootstock.

Explaining The Pokereum Concept In A Nutshell

Pokereum is the first DApp developed by SuperDAO, a reputation-based tiered decentralized autonomous organization within the Ethereum ecosystem. The team set out to solve ‘mental poker’ problems, a term used to describe a set of cryptographic problems that concerns playing a fair game without the need for a trusted third party. At the same time, they pride themselves on providing a poker experience through a polished user interface, enhancing the

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