Swarm Targets Blockchain Governance in Platform Pivot

Swarm, DCOs

Swarm is pivoting toward decentralized governance, a decision that finds the project shifting away from its original focus on distributed crowdfunding.

The move follows the release of a research paper commissioned jointly with DATA’s Constance Choi and Harvard Berkman Center research fellow Primavera de Fillippi that suggested distributed collaborative organizations (DCOs), which utilize cryptographic tokens to denote membership in a decentralized organization, are among the ‘crypto 2.0 models’ that are unlikely to attract negative attention from US regulators.

The subject has been fiercely debated in recent months, following rumors the US Securities and Exchange Commission was seeking to crack down on projects that sell cryptographic tokens.

However, Swarm CEO Joel Dietz indicated that with this legal due diligence completed, Swarm is now focusing on encouraging other groups to create “collaborative networks” by providing a suite of end-to-end solutions that allow its users to issues tokens for organizational management.

Dietz told CoinDesk:

“It will all be fully automated, you show up and you say here are the 100 people who I want to be a part of this organization, then they can claim their shares.”

Within the DCO model, organizations can then endow certain token holders with the right to participate in

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