Sweden is planning state bitcoins

Actually they were a thorn in the eyes of the powerful people in the central banks. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have not caused much more than head shaking and a little stomachache in the past. They are bad for payment because their value constantly fluctuates. If the private digital currencies go through, the influence of the central bankers, the ruler over the state money, also diminishes.

In the past two years, however, the wind seems to have turned. Around the world, central banks are experimenting with the technology behind bitcoin, the blockchain. Sweden and China are even thinking about introducing a state alternative to Bitcoin. The Russian central bank has developed its own technology, and the central banks in Canada and Great Britain are also intensively addressing this issue.

Bitcoin is mainly used by libertarians who do not want the state’s fingers to be in the money system. It is a strolling joke of the history that now excelled state banknotes could advance the technology and roll out a large area. But why are note banks so interested in the topic? The financial sector has been dominating the blockchain for years. This involves data sets, which in principle are glued together.

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