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Swedish Investment Portal Sees Bitcoin as a Currency for a Future

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Aktiespararna, a news site of a Swedish Shareholders’ Association that offers investment advice, has posted an article presenting bitcoin as a destiny banking that can residence a problems of security.

The essay focuses on a significance of confidence on comment of crises afflicting normal currencies. The instance offering is a 2013 financial fall in Cyprus caused by a banking system’s liquidity and solvency problems.

As an investment, a essay remarkable bitcoin carries a high risk. But it offers an engaging underline of a well-diversified portfolio.

The Cyprus Experience

To save a banks, a Cyprus supervision imposed a taxation and a extent on how most income business could repel from ATMs and send abroad. In response to this situation, many Cypriots detected a advantages of bitcoin. The pivotal advantage was that bitcoin is totally decentralized; there is no executive section that can control a complement or impact a income supply.

Today’s income system, a article noted, is formed on

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