Swift Is Hacked Again. The Bitcoin/Blockchain Fat Lady Sings.

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I see a bad moon arising. we see difficulty on a way. we see earthquakes and lightnin’. we see bad times today.

— Creedence Clearwater Revival

The SWIFT remuneration complement unsuccessful again this week. The tinge of Swift’s proclamation intimated a finish of life on a world earth as we know it. Swift’s outline of a system’s enemy was apocalyptic, and did zero to minimize a skills of a attackers, adding that a supports seized competence be, of course, reinvested to give a hackers a kind of turboboost of evil. My sources tell me a law-breaker is Brainiac from a world Zod.

Of march there is zero humorous about this situation, even if Swift’s “chicken little” corporate greeting was flattering funny. The genuine doctrine of this eventuality is lethal aspiring and, we believe, entirely expected by many specialists in a confidence of a financial system. This event, though, was a Fat Lady’s Song. The banks, exchanges, clearers like Swift, DDTC, and so on, are going to have to share something with a open that insiders already know.

The celebration is over for a old, permissioned, firewall based, electronic fortress, judgment of trust-in-payments systems. And a choice is really distant from obvious.


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