Swiss Bank UBS: Fintech is Opportunity, Not Threat

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Swiss global financial services company and multi-billion dollar bank UBS recently carried out a multinational survey involving its customers and users. Based on their report, UBS believes fintech and online payment networks are opportunities for the bank to take advantage of.

The rapid emergence of fintech services and platforms since 2015 has forced banks to explore alternative technologies to ensure their customers and users are satisfied with the efficiency and security of their networks and payment applications.

In response to the changing trend, UBS has announced their plans to adopt fintech services and applications in the next 12 months, with a vision of integrating emerging innovative financial technologies in its core operations and infrastructure to optimize existing financial services and products. Evidence Lab recently evaluated demand for such services from its customers and users.

UBS inquired its customers to voice their opinions on fintech services and if they plan to use such services from the bank. Approximately 51 percent stated that they have been using fintech services and 52 percent of the users told the bank that they plan to use their fintech services if launched in the next 12 months.

The bank believes this optimism

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